How many words?

… Is really hard!

I have a number of things I could mention. Bee Hotels at local food stores … Honestly … and do they get Nectar Cards 🙂 Why Microsoft have chosen to rework -again- their FTP implementation when running IIS 7.5 under Windows Server 2008 R2 or even my training course today being up-staged by an awesome thunder storm complete with thunderclaps that would not feel out of place in the last movement of Beethovens 6th or indeed as a stand-in for the digital thunder we’re warned will blow my speakers out on the CD sleeve of my recording of Ferde Groffe’s Grand Canyon Suite.

Looking out of the window at the moment the sky and cloud formations would look right at home in the opening scenes of Independence Day! Damned lucky I’m off to tonight’s hostelry in the car.

Anyway, it could be worse, I could live in Gloucester! Now where did I leave my ID4 Director’s cut DVD?

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