3AM, Hollywood, room 410

Hollywood is not asleep so why should I be? Traffic along Franklin Avenue is now dying.There are a few stragglers socialising outside the Hollywood Tower that I can see from my hotel window. Which town is it that’s never supposed to sleep?

I guess 3am is as good a time as any to collect a few thoughts from the trip over. Sitting outside Heathrow Terminal 3 in the sunshine with Ruth and a coffee from Costas seems a bloody long time ago now. Depart was slightly delayed as there was a power failure at the gate, so we were ushered through onto the plane by a red faced Virgin rep. Who, as we walked past her was staring forlornly at her PC which was cheerfully going through Windows Scandisk and locked nicely at 48% … That wasn’t going to be coming back any time soon!

Flight was long but uneventful and so into LA. The usual collection of squalling kids, even in Premium Economy, I ask you. Plus I don’t think the rules regarding phones in the terminal applied to the mother. Transfer to the hotel was painless but the back of the bucket seat I was in was broken, so my trip through LA improved my abdominal muscle control no end trying to keep the seat upright.

So here we are at 3am and Ruth is now playing with her shiny new reading light … Ah Hollywood!

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