A birthday curry in Area 51

That’s so long to another 365 days. I have arrived at hallowed ground, Area 51. Personally I expected aliens, abduction and a visit from Scully but you can’t have everything! Not even an unmarked black sedan parked across the street (I checked).

It’s gonna be a day of extreme vegging. Skyrim first I think and maybe a whirl through my record (ok CD) collection. iTunes and downloaded music collections living in the cloud have been ignored in favour of a crystal clear hi fi system (thank you so much Linn) and non-compressed CD goodness. Then off to the Pelican for happy hour 5-6pm and topped off with a visit to my favourite curry house. A perfect (if digestively volatile) end to a perfect day 🙂

UPDATE: Oh and thanks to my trans-atlantic tea lady for this

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