Ace-ing the Nerd-0-Meter and the mythical Windows 8 Shut Down Key

Just successfully completed installing the 32-bit version of Windows 8 in a VMWare Player Virtual Machine while watching the latest epsiode of Save the Supers and checking out the latest vids at Geek and Sundry.

What were they thinking with this *ahem* Metro interface 🙁

UPDATE: Turns out the bigger problem is how to shut the damn operating system down! For an IT support company the combination of wildly hovering the mouse over the top right corner of the screen somewhere, clicking the Settings/Cog icon and then Power icon and finally clicking Shut Down is sure to be a big revenue generator … thanks Microsoft, ker ching!!!!

UPDATE the Second: Having now fragged the Windows 8 VM mutliple times trying to close Windows 8 and getting bored waiting, I’m re-installing … again … this time, accompanied by the first Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, also on Geek and Sundry. How the hell DO you close a guest operating system safely under VMWare …

UPDATE the Third: Suggest you don’t entertain installing Windows 8 in a VMWare VM – even with 1.5GB of RAM allocated – as it takes FOR …. EV … ER! The VF Hangout was 1 hour 7 minutes, I’ve watched ALL of it, it finished 20 minutes ago and I’m still waiting for the personalisation screens 🙁 Sadly this is still better than Microsoft’s Virtual PC which flatly refuses to even start the installation

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