I’ve got a brand new Combine Harvester … And I’m gonna’ run you over with it!

Haven’t broken out the Apple wireless keyboard iToy yet and it’s damn hard to type in the sun. Nevertheless I’m impressed. Want to know why? I’m gomna tell you anyhow! I’ve taken some time off from my day job as a amild-mannered IT technician to spend time “tin-tenting” in Kernow.

Nothing so exciting about that. nope. but when I can sit here, in the sun (believe that or not for a UK summer) and exchange IM’s and pix with my good and dear friend , sat in a field and she’s half way round the planet in Connecticut. Hell The tech needed to do that is cool. I know in these days of social media and such, always being connected is considered the norm but I can remember when the state of the art tech battle was being fought between VHS and Betamax!

I work with this crap every day. It’s what allows my company to function but if we miss the absolute awesomeness of what we’re doing here, in this little field in Cornwall -well, shame on you!

Granted you could argue that the use we’re putting this awesome tech to is a tad mundane. Discussing the finer points of cereal killers and associated bad jokes surrounding the Wurzels (google ’em kiddies) but I’m on holiday in the West Country – reaches for pint glass of ale for effect – I’m allowed. i have a letter from my mum and everything. And while we’re at it a serial killer is not someone who commits atrocities in the breakfast aisle, oh no, it’s someone who spoils the season finale of Dr Who for you.

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