Greetings from Ultima Thule

I sorta thought that new age and ambient music had plateau’d until recently when a mate sent me a link to Ultima Thule an Australian website for all things ambient. They’ve nearly a 1,000 hour-long podcasts to their name ~ the playlists can be found here, with a new show airing every Sunday night at 10:30 in Sydney (sorry kids you’ll need to transmogrify that to your own timezone). Admittedly I’d taken a spin around The Ambient Music Guide a while back based on a suggestion on Wil Wheaton’s blog but I never really travelled beyond Mike G’s Mixes of which I can thoroughly recommend The Dune Mix a nice combination of ambient and sound bites from the movie and its soundtrack.

There is literally tons of stuff here and I’ve barely scratched the surface. So far I’ve found, take a listen to a selection from their latest album Apollo; which is inspired by the US Space Program and includes sound bites from those missions. Oceanography is also worth a listen.

More recommendations anon …

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