Apple wireless keyboard

Typical Apple. Started my iPad, switched on Bluetooth (and as we all know “Everything is better with Bluetooth!”, thanks Sheldon), switched on the shiny new wireless keyboard, entered the pairing code and I’m now going to have to use the phrase I hate but unfortunately  applies to Apple kit with infuriating regularity… it just worked … Again!

This is the first post typed with a “proper” keyboard and an entire viewable screen as the connection auto-disables the virtual keyboard, hadn’t realised just how annoying that was or how much screen real-estate it ate. It’s great not to have to type everything into a letter box. It’s possible – although it’s too early to say why yet – to make it pop-up with the keyboard Eject button, top right. I will need to do some experimentation with cursor positioning and text selection. Right, it’s ALT + left or right arrow to move a word at a time and add + Shift to select … that about does it! Why do I hear Arnold Swarzenneger’s voice in my head when I write that?

Not sure how much effect it’ll have on battery life having Bluetooth permanently enabled? R&D required. Bigger problem will be transportation, suggestions? This just may make my iPad a little less user-hostile towards my chunky fingers. Hmm? Spell-checking. Nicely underlines worms, I can select said worms now how do I get a list of correctly-spelled alternatives? Wait a minute … swipes to Safari … looks like you select the word and then have to touch it to show suggestions, so that’s a keyboard-screen combo.

Update/Confession: I have corrected and slight re-worded this post with my laptop 🙂

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