Beer, Imperial Guards and well … beer again.

Off out on the velocipede, down the hill to swing buy and pick up a mate before we head to the Pelican for some of their rather excellent Wye Valley Ales. This particular drinking buddy can be a bit infectious if you know what I mean … drinking with him can have the tendency to end up, well, messy. Great fun but … messy! So some self-control and an escape strategy (not aided by time being called at midnight) will be required.

Very possibly a fitting end for a day that for reasons of confidentiality that I cannot go into has been “less than optimum” and let’s just leave it at that.

Fortunately, it has had it’s lighter side. Episode 3 of the Guild aired this evening at 6pm and I clawed in view number 254 (3/10 could do better) – another strong ep. Also took part in the storming of Whiterun in Skyrim, which notched off another few miscellaneous missions. I’ve recently spent a lot of game time smithing as it was the easiest way to gain levels quickly, grabbed around 6 or 7 this way. But now with the smithing skill at 100 and all bar the deadric armour perk that’s about as far as that strategy will stretch. Cannot see for the life of me how I’m going to march up another 28 levels to the mythical 81st? Dawnguard could well be beckoning, oh yes, it will be mine 🙂

Which brings me neatly back round to the impending visit to a beer vending establishment and the perils thereof. Still it could be worse, it could be my birthday this week … oh wait ……….. area 51 here I come. Now where did I leave my season 1 X-Files box set?

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