Beers for Gloucester Beer Fest 2014

I’ve done it! All 100 Real Ales, that’s beer to you non-CAMRA johnnies, are now posted on the Gloucester Beer Fest 2014 website. It’s taken a while, judicious pruning and tweaking of pump-clip images hastily *ahem* borrowed from Brewery websites with Photoshop, several versions of colourful spreadsheets that the owner of that Technicolour Dreamcoat would kill for, oh and many emails too but we’re there.

And don’t even get me started on the Festival Programme. 28 pages or 28MB of PDF awesome!

It’s the proverbial IT swan. All serene and glamorous-like on the surface, while beneath seethes a maelstrom of html, CSS, JPEG’s, GIFs, WordPress and other imagineering ™

Don’t forget to look round the rest of the site too and maybe even join us 🙂

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