Who am I. Good question. Mike Webb.

Born: Portsmouth, United Kingom

Date: 18th October 1961 (which makes this year a bloody nuisance!)

Spent all my working life in DP, latterly IT until I was turfed from a couple of large companies after the Year 2000 and Dot Com bubbles burst. So I decided I was fed up sweating muck and bullets on some anonymous share holders’ account and that it was time to put my money where my mouth was and so I started my own IT business, now back in the mists of 2003.

What do I like: Sci Fi, Fantasy, D&D, Trek, Stargate, Firefly and Big Bang theory. Music: classical, soundtrack, rock and just about anything else – except Country and Western and Rap, in that order – to name but a very few. Ooh and I have been known to take the odd bit of interest in the railway too!

Anneke ih ah