Doctor Who, Episode 3

[Spolier Warning, none needed I reckon] Well it’s all in the episode title for this one The Curse of the Black Spot. Doctor Who meets Pirates of the Caribbean, right down to another snippet of soundtrack homage at the end of the ep. where the Pirates fly the space ship off into what I suppose is the binary dog star discussed earlier. The lightness and fluffiness was as predicted with only a small season-arc moment, where Amy “sees” the “nurse” (well that’s what I’m calling her for now) again, overall a fun ep and I’m giving it 7/10.

Quite a barrage of quotes this time. From the sober. Where Amy asks “Why do I have to be the one to save you” and Rory answers “Because I know you’ll never give up”. To the downright daft, where the Doctor lifts his gunk-covered hand from the ship and exclaims “Ah! Look Sneeze … Alien bogies!”. The Doctor when walking the plank “I suppose laughing like that is in the job description”. But my personal favourite, when both captains are aboard the Tardis as it becomes becalmed; Captain Avery states “I’m confused” and the Doctor, amid explosions and mayhem shouts “Well it’s a big club we should get T-shirts!” Which is pretty much a watch-word for his work on the show to date imho. Oh and the Rory death count moves along again, I make it he’s died in 2 out of 3 eps of this season … to date!

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