I Came, I saw, I padded

PC’s are computers. Mainframes are computers. They’re satisfiably big, you feel you have bought something with your hard-earned money when you look at it. I started in IT when it was DP and PC’s, such as they were, looked Sinclair ZX81-shaped; So to be writing this on a tablet PC, an iPad2 to be exact sort of feels like things have full circled.

Granted my ZX81, even with it’s awesomely specified 16k ram pack, couldn’t even spell Internet but it could still beat me at Chess, even before the advent of the likes of Rybka!

The 1st 24 hours with my shiny new Apple product I was like a kid in an IT sweet shop but these things don’t run on fresh air and the battery soon flattened. Plugged the brute in to the mains, left it for an hour and … Nothing! Not even a measly 1 per cent did it charge. Plugged into the trusty old PC and it did creep from 20 to 70 per cent over night but 8 hours for 1/2 a charge, nah!

Called the Apple store at Cribbs Causeway (Bristol) spoke to a nice chap who booked me in for a “Genius” reservation (really?) and I’m now hoping that’ll do the trick. Power to the people, well at least the iPad2 🙂

UPDATEI Visited Apple store, which was rammed with people of all ages. PC World certainly never sees this number of people on a saturday afternoon! Refreshing to see a healthy number of the fairer sex in store also. Just shows the draw this stuff has. Managed to get seen 15 minutes earlier than my “Genius Bar” appointment by Elen, I think, who was personable and quickly discovered the weak link in my USB/dock cable. It made really weird noises when she swapped out various parts. So, 10 short minutes and I had a new dock adapter and all was again well in the forest. Next stop Cornwall and a fight with WiFi HotZone.

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