Inva2ion Meet and Greet

Opening Ceremony over it’s time to head over to the Meet and Greet. I was really looking forward to this part of the evening, indeed had Sean Harry not come up trumps sorting out a mini-auto session for me with The Guild cast I would not be here! Anticipation was high as I threaded my way through the hotel to the -cough- suite. D’ya see what I did there, never mind.

Last time I did one of these it was a much smaller room and a free-for-all with everyone stood up and milling, not entirely aimlessly in the general direction of the guest they wanted to nonchalantly bump into. None of that. 12-15 tables, 8-9 seats each with one or two free for a guest. I’m sure there’s a system to landing on the right table but if in doubt cheat, so I sat next to people I’d met earlier.

At our table I became properly acqainted with Jen … and her Zombie Dice and met Leana and Barry. All great guys. It took a moment but I realised that Leana had perhaps had the odd sherbert earlier, this was confirmed by her other half; describing her imbibing a bottle of pink napalm, nice! Since we were to wait a couple of minutes for the guests to arrive, Jen and I started a game of Zombie Dice with Leana – well we actually used the dice but you know what I mean. The full Pinkiness of the napalm now shone through, Leana with gusto “I need brains!” This is fine, it’s part of the game but boy was there was some gusto.

Ta da, the guests s’arrive. First at our table was Dichen Lachman. At this point that my choice of seating proved reeeallly fortuitous. I was next to the empty seat, now occupied by Dichen Lachman. Now, why is it that I can remember conversations I had with friends but precious little with the guests. Advice about the fruitlessness of gripping fistfuls of sand sprang to mind. I do remember her really fancy trouser/jacket combo though. No dice for Dichen. Before she moved on a photographer came over and mentioned she’d just taken a really nice shot of Dichen and myself and could she use it on the website. I was so overwhelmed that I said yes without thinking to ask which one, doh!

Robin Thorsen was next to visit and it was at this point that I cast the net – and the Zombie Dice – wider and asked Robin to make a roll. Robin scored a respectable 2 brains, not bad for a Zombie Dice virgin. Score the first for a Guild cast member.

Aaraon Douglas joined us, two bottles (not full) of real ale – you have taste sir – in hand and he too tried his luck – I gave him little choice – at the dice table. Storming on with the rolls and asking if Wil Weaton would be impressed that he was playing I flagrantly encouraged him to keep going. Right up until the point he crashed out with 5 shots to the face – “Douglas’d”. Aaron took a photo of them to send to Weaton right now. Which he did and then left us muttering “I’m not playing your frakkin dice game any more!”

Alaina was a natural with the dice scoring a stonking 5 brains (and winning btw)

Next we welcomed Amy Okuda. A great laugh and zero brains (on the dice people) after a massive 3 shots to the face. I congratulated her muchly on the Instagram of her posted on her website showing her inside her packing case before leaving LA.

Eliza Dushku – or “Duck Shoot” as Kevin Smith refers to her. Not me, not me. Especially with her 6 foot 8 boyfriend lurking. Eliza asked us who else we’d chatted with and when Aaron’s name was mentioned she said “Oh yeah the only sausage here, I call them sausages!” Again not with the arguing. My claim to fame is that I got Eliza Dushku to play Zombie Dice, frakkin well top that!

Allesandro had us in stitches. She arrived at our table; armfuls of cakes, sweets (sorry candy) and a single red rose and dipped into Mr Kiplings Jubilee french fancies, I kid you not. At our suggestion she tried the red one – they were red white and blue, a la jubilee – at this point I’m not actually sure whether she really enjoyed it or not from her reaction. I’m guessing it was good, she devoured it and asked where we got them?

Jim Swallow was a blast. Zero’d out on the brains count but made up for it with some cool pix of his Bafta nomination. Someone else who shouldn’t have listened to me.

Felicia Day. I want you to read that real slow, savour it. Feleeesha Day. How you doin? Was a bundle of joy and enthusiasm. No dice needed for the mistress of game players. She snuck out that there was to be a Season 6 for the Guild which is great news. And try as I might, her enthusiasm, fast talking and general Felicia-ness – what, it’s a word – dragged me into a major league memory leak. I was hangin on her every word, trying to commit it to memory but, the harder I tried the sandier the floor got! I do remember that she’d been sick only a couple of weeks earlier. Cue concerned voice: Felicia, look after yourself girl!

Elyse was our last visitor and looked delicate enough to break, I didn’t have the heart to offer her cake but she did roll the dice and Douglas’d. End of Meet and Greet, OR WAS IT?

Sean had arranged for me to meet with the Guild cast as they left the Meet and Greet and true to his word the guys and gals working the room and the guest handlers all knew what was going on – Sean I owe you a LARGE beer my friend. Amy was the first to leave and when I explained that I was only there to see these guys she was, yes I am going to say it chuffed. I know they’re actors and I know this is sorta their job but still … Amy Okuda. She personalised a Guild cast shot for me and after a short hug was off.

Robin and Felicia (you know you really can’t type her name fast) then came over and were equally, amazed I suppose, that a fan, nay a fellow-geek would go to these lengths just to meet THEM. Cuddles from all, especially Felicia :-))))) – is there an emoticon for that? – and a photo which I’m really looking forward to seeing was taken by Sarah W – thanks for the business card btw. That’s 2 photos I’m so looking out for.

I explained my two-con dilemma to FD and after I mentioned it was to see John Barrowman she asked if she could join me, no argument from me. I’m not sure who said it but Mr Barrowman’s penchant for -ahem- on-set hi-jinks and distracting his fellow actors was discussed along with gag reels, politics, gay marriage and John Barrowman’s penis – you had to be there. And so, with a smile, a handshake and parting advice to make sure I saw JB’s penis, eeeuuoo wrong, Felicia was gone … I wanted to say how great the Guild is, the epic music vids, Dr Horrible, Dragon Age: Redemption and tons more but none of it got anywhere near escaping from my gob. Surreal’d

And that’s how I got to meet the better looking half of the cast of The Guild, don’t take it personally chaps. Big thanks also to Mike “Whizzy”, Jen, Leana and Barry and the Starfury crew for making my evening.

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