Inva2ion Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony started a bit late so as a fill in the sound crew ran a promo for Felicia by screening her very first Flog ep – a few more converts garnered there I feel – which got lots of laughs, especially at Felicia’s more than passing interest in the blacksmith hammer. Being a Gold Pass-er I’d planted myself front and centre. Wizzy to my right and Jen Wilkinson (I think – don’t sack me if I only snuck your surname briefly on the email we used to score Zombie Dice later) to my left. No rush, nice to pass the time in conversation with new friends.

Before you knew it, it was Sean-time, ever the showman he did a grand job introducing the guests.

Aaron Douglas appeared in an Iron Maiden T-Shirt, sporting a beard, a bottle of ale and strode on to some head-banging tunes, which he enjoyed mightily and the crowd likewise. More from Aaron later at the meet and greet!

Robin Thorsen was a little bewildered by her rousing reception. We like The Guild and we like Clara! Don’t worry it’ll all be ok. Amy Okuda was bubbly and up-for-it and … finally … Felicia Day took to the stage. What can I say, a truly epic woman in every respect. Immediately had the audience eating out of her hand.

Oh and someone called Elisa Dushku completed a brilliant line up, including Elyse Levesque (no you don’t pronounce it that way Sean!), Alaina Huffman, Alessandra Torresani, Dichen Lachman and not forgetting Jim Swallow.

Sean pulled them back on stage together and tomfoolery followeed with Eliza Dushku’s impromptu guest photo-shoot. A cracking parade of reaaally colourful but I’m gessing reallly painful shoes! A number purchased only the day before at Top Shop, London.

Photographically I wrestled with the light big time during the ceremony though, as you can see but still some choice moments.

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