IOS 5.1 upgrade

Unbelievable. I’m able to carry on as if nothing is happening, updating my blog … While I’m carrying out an operating system upgrade!

Let’s see the next version of Windows do that. Quick swap to Settings … Less than 1 minute! Business as usual, in the middle of an O/S upgrade, why am I surprised at Apple any longer? 50Mb download completed wirelessly now starting the update proper. I bet I could make my next move on Hero Academy and it not even blink?

Wimped out there by saving a draft of this post when it looked like the update preparation was finished. OK, a quick restart, I won’t call it a reboot as it doesn’t seem that heavyweight and wham bam we’re at IOS 5.1 -only needed to log back in to continue wi this post.

Windows 8 Metro … Once upon a time!

Update: 5.1 is now on this iPad but other than the possible battery bug-fixes and slightly easier photo filing options there’s not a whole lot in this release to recommend it. No such thing as a free lunch I guess?

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