My iPod Touch-ed the FLOOR!

I recently spoke with someone who’d dropped their iPod Touch and fragged the screen. Those helpful chappies at the Apple Genius Bar could provide a complete replacement for just £119! Hmm?

Now I’ve been in the IT game for *cough* several years now and found myself thinking, how hard can this be? Hauled up the top 10 Google searches and dived into a link that looked hopeful. All looked well, this was to be a difficult but entirely possible – and much cheaper – fix. I read on. Until reaching the point that mentioned the arcane use of oven mitts and hair driers (honestly) the thought that maybe this job is just a little out of my league occured. The ability to cast a first level wizard spell to finish the job really put me off. That last part about spells wasn’t really in the post but I figure you’ve got about as much chance of fixing these things yourself as knowing a 4th Ed. D&D Wizard spell 🙂

Moral of the story is “Don’t drop your iPod” and if you do, make sure you’ve clothed it in the bestest most rubbery bouncy concrete resistant case beforehand. And then pray … or learn to cast the 2nd Level Druid Spell, Soften Earth and Stone.

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