… is it me?

I’ve waited ages for a pre-owned Dead Space 2 for the Xbox to come down to a sensible price. I traded in my copies of Dante’s Inferno (glad to get rid) and Arkham Asylum (no more gargoyle hanging for me, sob!) AND used up all the credit I had on my Game Station card and am now the proud owner of a copy but I have a problem …

… even on Normal game-level I can’t actually get out of the Hospital Ward. Those necromorphs are bloody fast when you are dressed in nothing but a straight jacket and staggering around what’s left of a hospital. On the plus side it has given me many, MANY opportunities to study the over the top 18-rated attack and death sequences:-)

I’m out to the pub in a little over an hour and now thinking it may significantly improve my chances if I wait until I come back; use the Beer Luke!

Must … not … look at … walkthrough?

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