Layover in Taunton

Glad to have escaped the 17.44 ex Bristol. A nasty Voyager with absolutely no air conditioning. Quite a relief to de-train actually, was passing out with the heat 🙁

Now sat in the Plough a free house just a short step from Taunton railway station. Looked a bit dubious for a while wandering down the station ramp, walked past about a dozen Indian and Chinese restaurants in 50 yards! Fortunately my spidey sense did not fail me and I found an ale pub that serves straight from the barrel. Result!

Sat in a battered old arm chair near the front of the pub, looking out the open door onto a rainy evening. Hoping for a dry spell en-route back to the station. Unexpectedly, you could smell that fresh rain falling even sat here. Not a bad way to spend an hour lay-over in Taunton.

A very pleasant pint of Otter Amber, thanks for asking. Also on offer -all from the barrel – Marston’s Pedigree, Bath Gem and Cotleigh 25.

Look at that, everything comes to he who waits,the current bun is breaking through for the plod back.

Returning to the station I noticed Mikron Model Railway sandwiched between a chinese and a pub – odd shop in this area. Ran the gauntlet of no less than 6, count them, revenue protection officers in the gate. I frivolously asked if they were expecting a football team. Fell on deaf ears. Other travelling punters ventured good-hearted comments. Deaf ears, severe sense of humour failure! Wouldn’t have reckoned with the Weston Super Mare revellers being out this early. Didn’t think Weston was a particularly big night out!

Walking onto Platform 2 I was greeted by the stand clear announcement. What could this be? An express service flying to the South West, a heavy freight grumbling by. Nope. A 4-car pacer unit running empties!

Joined the 19.17 and it’s rammed! Had to throw a woman out of my seat to avoid standing for 2 hours. Ah the joys of public transport. Did chat with a couple of nice guys bound for Exeter, which softened the blow. Sent a plaintive text to a Cross Country driver mate of mine suggesting that his railway sucked!

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