Leviathan Wakes

My latest read is a Sci-Fi debut from James S.A. Corey, which is the pen name for a collaboration between Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck? In book one of The Expanse trilogy we are introduced to the main players. I am currently half way through this book and would definitely describe it as a page turner, more’s the pity as book 2 is slated for June 2012 and book 3 sometime in 2013. So I shall be making notes on this book before I return it to the library – what? don’t judge – in order to make it easier to pick up the threads when the next volumes are published.

The narrative -so far at least- is divided equally between the two main players, Holden(reluctant commander of the Roci) and Miller(an equally reluctant Ex-Cop form Ceres base); put them together and you’ve basically got what becomes a Sci-Fi buddy movie. Intentional slip of the pen there as this book would work well as a screenplay. The interaction between Miller and the crew has a
Whedonesque feel about it! Especially the dialog. Found myself thinking more than once that Adam Baldwin would fit right in as Amos 🙂

A strong character-driven story and a plot that’s building into a real mystery make this, thus far, a highly recommended read.

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