London Film and Comic Con July 2014

Visited on Sunday 13th and before I go further I wanted to say that I read the flak on the Showmaster Forum after Saturday and heard several horror stories in the queue on Sunday morning. Yes it was too-hot in both halls (guests were wilting with us!) which I’m sure could be addressed with air-con and while it didn’t have the astronomical numbers (+7,000 unexpected visitors were mentioned?) of Saturday it was still very busy for a Sunday!

That said. My experience of the day was great. I joined the Early Bird queue, having forgotten to book in advance on-line, Doh! around 8.25 and once the doors opened at 9 was inside picking up virtual auto tickets by 9.20 so now problem there. I got to meet every one I wanted, although I have to confess I had never intended to go for a Stan Lee auto. Soz guys but there it is! I’m sure it’s a con-myth but the chap I spoke with in line had heard (yes, you get the picture) that a guy in-line for Stan Lee had sold his auto, on e-Bay, for £2,000 even before he had it in his hand! Make of that what you will, I’m sure other real-er stories will surface.

Nice to see both Julie Caitlin Brown and Erin Gray (yes I spotted you even with the disguise, fyi dark glasses, really?) working hard behind the scenes, shame I didn’t get to say hello this time around.

The Star Trek talk with Dominic Keating and Terry Farrell was great fun, I’m sooo glad I went along for that half hour. Nice interplay between them even though, as I was to discover talking to Dominic later, they’d never actually met before this con! Show business huh, it’s just weird! Both actors were asked how they got into the business which gave Terry the chance to admit it sorta “fell in her lap” after modelling and Dominic the opportunity to grouse about it “So f***ing lucky!”. More to and fro and TF pointed out that at least all her auditions were “above the table” 🙂

They both shared their dislike of the dreaded “space suits”. TF went on to admit that when filming at Vasquez Rocks, “it was hot, I had my period, I was in a space suite AND I was expected to remember my lines!” Even when she had learned them the night before and was handed “new” pages as she walked onto set.

Terry spoke frankly about her departure from DS9 when her contract expired. Yep she was killed off. Tellingly, a young actor at the time, it was the hours that did for her in the end. To this day she can still not work out why she was invited to the series finale wrap party though, more Hollywood crazy.

A bit more Q&A and Dominic rounded off by singing his – it couldn’t possibly be authorised by Paramount, I kid you not! – version of the Enterprise theme song. He swears it’s an extra on a DVD somewhere but somehow I doubt it unless it was an 18/R-rated edition 🙂 Not from LFCC but take a listen here – outstanding!  Take a look at the couple of pix I got of them with Terry’s reaction.

I met and got autos from everyone I’d planned.

First up – at only around 9.30 was David Wenham – Yep, Faramir signed my copy of LOTR 🙂 apparently he is working in Manchester filming a new show called “Banished”. Edward James Olmos was next up and yes there were tons of very pretty BSG studio stills but I prefer my grainy 1980’s shot of him as Gaff in Blade Runner. David Hewlett was a gas – do people say that? – we had some in depth (not pos, with this chap and I mean that in a nice way) – chat about cameras and he even posed meerkat-style for a photo – again see pix. Saving the best til’ last. Summer Glau was delightful. She is taking this chance to tour Europe for a month – a well earned rest I’m sure. I confess if you look at my pix I did sneak one of Summer. Much apologisings but it is, I feel, a flattering shot, so hopefully she won’t SIC me with WB studio security, pretty please?

Wandered round and snapped a few more guests where I could. I’d love to meet everyone but time and even my pockets are not that deep. Having said that I did weaken and queue-up for Terry Farrell – why not, she’s Dax!

Best unexpected bit of the day. In my long experience attending cons there’s always a guest or two who unexpectedly makes it for me. This time, the 2 Trek actors guest talk.

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