$#*! My Dad Says

Caught up with my first ep for this show last night. Turned out to be “The Truth About Dads and Moms“; ep. 3 in the season (of 18 so far). First impressions are it’s a pretty standard US sitcom but there were some laugh out loud moments in the ep. even though most of them were from actors other than William Shatner. Mr S. aquits himself well, delivers his lines per Mr. S.

Particularly liked the moment when his son is on the phone to Mrs. Goodson, his mother and Shatners screen wife; and is asked by her to “do” his voice. He says no but then sneaks in a quicky Kirk impression as he hangs up. Nice! Maybe a few more in jokes along the way? Overall I liked it and set the PVR for weekly record. Just need to catch up with eps 1 and 2 from somewhere now.

Ooh looks like Channel 5 has an online catch-up Demand 5 but the Pilot has already been burned, so here we go with ep. 2 “Wi-Fight” First half of ep is good, worth watching just to hear William Shatner saying.

“Any new technology leads to my kids masturbating!” very fitting for long-time captain of a 23rd century starship!

Gooood ep. Now need to find the Pilot.

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