Pie and Display

It’s a godamm weather conspiracy. Woke this morning in Southport to a day of quality weather, crap quality. Headed out in the car with wipers at max. Parked on the sea front car park, which was strangely empty and dugout me mini Melton Mowbray Pork Pies to munch as the rain streamed down the windscreen and the windows steamed up! A conspiracy I tell you.

Arrived at Park and Ride in time to see the bus pull out. I reckon the driver waits thinking, “you thought your day could not get any crappier, I’m off, wait for the next one” … Sat in the next bus along and desperately casting around for something to kill the time. Let’s see if we can spot ALL SIX CCTV cameras on board, I kid you not! As we boarded some locals even commented how cheerful we sounded. More trench humour?

In town with the water pouring off the canopies on Lord Street, thank god for the Guest House on Union Street, the CAMRA recommended ale house in Southport. A very nice pint of Southport Sandgrounders brightened the aspect on the day. Later followed by an excellent Oakwell Dark Mild. Yep not so bad at all 🙂


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