Real Steel

Had a Sheldon moment in the cinema today. Ruth and I walked in and had the screen to ourselves, I then spent 5 minutes moving from seat and row to seat to find the sweet spot 🙂

I can watch this movie in the Century Theatre Del Monte (not kidding!) centre in Monterey, California and within an hour I can sit outside Starbucks in 70 degree heat and write about it on my blog, updating my server half way round the planet … In seconds!

The movie as they say has heart, lots of good robot techy stuff and graphics but they felt, pardon the pun, REAL. animation on this is cool, unobtrusive and human-like. The fight scenes felt like human boxing scenes but with robots. That’s not to decry the effects, they are spectacular.

Advance reviews for this movie mentioned Hugh Jackman’s unease at some of his scenes with Dakota but I really didn’t feel enough of that badness. Great interaction but no feeling of coldness. Other than that the human aspects of the movie are great if a little predictable but it didn’t stop me wanting to chant “Atom” along with the crowd in the climactic fight scenes. Danny Elfman’s soundtrack was spot on for this movie but a far cry from the anthemic work on Batman.

Enjoyed it, 7/10, could have been an 8 with some extra work from Elfman. I’ll be interested to find out what sort of reception it gets in the UK.

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