San Diego Comic Con 2014 DIY Toolkit

Found myself getting excited by San Diego Comic Con 2014 this morning and I’m not even going – is that odd? Probably never will either ๐Ÿ™ It’s not that I don’t want to go or couldn’t afford it, it’s just too damned hard. I’d pay any reasonably ludicrous sum of money but the chances of getting the ticketing I want in the 3 minute on-line ticket grab/fest somewhen in Feb and then getting anywhere near the fabled Hall “H” at the event (as SDCC policy doesn’t clear the room between presentations) are to quote Jeff Wayne “A Million to one against!”.

The way I see it, unless you’re prepared to queue up 24 hours in advance and then overnight each day and then sit glued to your hard-won Hall “H” seat all day – all chances to eat, sleep and carry out other necessary hygienic functions can pretty much go fish!

Having said all that why am I getting worked up over it. Easy. It is still the single biggest celebration of geekdom in the frakkin’ world. But I have a plan. Yep! I’ve been attending cons in the UK for the last *cough* number of years and I’ve queued with the best of ’em. See Blackpool, 1997, Wolf 359, The Alliance for my credentials (I’m pretty sure JMS will never touch fish and chips again after that weekend!)

The Plan

What is the damn plan? The internet of things. Pretty much all the best footage is posted on the SDCC site, the SDCC Blog or Nerd HQ (which itself topped 30,000 attendees last year) and usually Youtube too, so I can sorta’ be there but without the cost or the queueing. I can still share my experience, just on-line, with friends. Favourite these three links, they’re all you’ll need.

I’m showing solidarity though. Off to next weeks London Film and Comic Con in Earls Court, London; dusting-off the epic Tom Hiddleston appearance at 2013 SDCC – still the 1st hit if you google “sdcc Hall H” – in character as Loki; donning my fave NERD HERD “T” and just sit back and let my broadband connection do the heavy lifting.

Live long and whatnots!

Update: the Geek and Sundry Lounge – another cool place to hang out during SDCC

Update 2: Both SDCC and Nerd HQ have an app that follows what’s going on. IOS and Android.

Update 3: Marvel Live Stream on Youtube and website here and not to be left out DC’s offeringย here – no live streams ๐Ÿ™

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