Sean Harry doth rock!

I did a REAAALLY stupid thing. I booked for a con with Treble Ace Events and was/still am chuffed to be seeing Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd and yay Keeley Hawes. Brilliant.

This morning I realised I had NOT been keeping up with current events over at Starfury, half the cast of The Guild, including Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen AND … FELICIA DAY are to attend Seans’ next soiree … May 11th-13th … exactly the same weekend 🙁 Well quel frakkin’ surpris.

Much pain all day at the missed opportunity but I then came up with a cunning plan. In a, can you fix it for me stylee?

“If there are Gold passes left for this event AND there was any chance I could wangle an auto from each of the 3 Guild guests at the meet and greet – for which I’d be happy to contribute over the Gold Ticket price, pay a forfeit to the Guildies! or contribute to charity – could I attend just to the Friday night part of the con as I’ve totally stupidly double-booked myself that weekend!”

I had previously checked online and there did appear to be Gold tickets still on sale and that was the only way I could pull this off. I spent a nail-biting hour waiting for a reply, which read:

“Got about 7 Gold Tickets available for Inva2ion.

Yes, I’d be able to sort you out getting the Guild autographs on the Friday if that was the only day that you could attend.”

Bought the Golden Ticket to Inva2ion so fast the keyboard caught fire and am now sitting here like a virtual cheshire cat. Sean, if you read this, I would have your babies if it were anatomically possible mate.

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