Skyrim follower conundrum

A while back I may have inadvertently “Flame”d Lydia during a heated :-0 encounter with Magic Anomalies at Winterhold. How the hell was I going to carry all that crap by myself sprang to mind. I went on a series of missions to try to replace Lydia with J’Zargo as my follower but to no avail and listening to received wisdom regarding Mage followers perhaps that is for the best!

After competing the Companion story line they’re forming a positively orderly queue! The temptation to get Aela the Huntress (in game of course) and listen to Claudia Christian hang on my every word is very … well … tempting 😉 Especially after the “Companions boy band” Farkas and Vikas confessed their aversion to creepy crawlies during the Ysgramor mission. Went with Farkas for now as it’s sorta’ like having Adam Baldwin along for the ride 🙂

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