Skyrim, whatever next?

I was SO tempted to entitle this post “Skyrim, The Undiscovered Country” but while proof-reading it (yes, I do!) I realised I’ve already used that title plus I’m sure Paramount would take a dim view also!

Nearly finished the Nightingales mission having pinched Mercer Frey. Is it me? Did the cut scene with Mercer wrenching the eye out of the god/statue remind you of the cover of the old (but loved) 1st edition D&D PHB?

As I shall shortly become head of the thieves guild – assuming I survive the Twilight Sepulchre, the question becomes: If I am currently 44th level (and have finished most of the major quest missions) how in the hell am I going to reach mythical 81st Level? Sorta answering my own question, I think I’ll need to change class and part with the recently awarded Nightingales Bow (mega-pout!) and use a sword, one and two-handed swords/axes, blocking, use a whole lot of magic and even turn my hand to a bit of Smithing (ok Felicia you were right!) to gain more skills and progress through those remaining, gulp 37 🙁 levels.

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