Sleeping in Light

Sat here, looking out the window on a grey, dank and very wet morning. It’s been raining now for what seems like forever. What better music to accompany this morning than the Babylon5: Sleeping in Light soundtrack. A suitable amount of darkness in the music, it has lost none of its emotional punch – B5 seems such a long time ago now … I’d forgotten how music, this music, can magnify a mood. I’d always associated this ep. with loss and my Dad.

It’s a CD I haven’t picked out of the collection for quite a while and when I opened the case a trading card dropped out. “Saying Goodbye” shows Lochley taking the final salute from Sheridan. Brings to mind the (too) many B5 actors who are now no longer with us.

Right, this thought is in desperate need of cheering up; the upcoming Memorabilia Con in Birmingham this weekend, where I will catch up with Claudia Christian. There, B5 continues … and in a good way 🙂

Spoo for breakfast anyone?

Update: Note to self, make very sure you’re in the right mood/place to listen to this CD the next time you dig it out. Cos’ you damned-well will be by the end!

Update 2: Now listening to B5 Season 3 Opening Sequence on ‘Messages from Earth’ reminded me just how many pages of history have been turned. It took several hours to download the credit sequence video to Season 3 on my 9600 dial-up modem when it was pre-launched! It was awesome though 🙂

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