So what did we learn today then kiddies?

I learned today that software development can still be hard even after 30 years! It’s 90% slog, 5% imagineering and 5% blind luck. In truth I’ve always know this but it never hurts to state the bloody obvious once in a while. It matters not how much planning you put in it’s still possible for the customer to change their minds at the death, so to speak. But at least it keeps it interesting, still learning and finding new software fragments and utilities; I’m so glad the internet allows benevolent techies to publish the results of their hard work for no other reason than they can make another techies life easier.

Todays prize for “digging-you-out-of-the-pooh” software goes to eXpress TimeStamp Toucher which is a nifty utility that allows you to set the creation, modification and accessed dates for whole folders full of files at a time … and it’s freeware. Yay! Ideal if you are trying to test out the results of automated download software which compares file modification dates. Nice one Irnis Haliullin of Irnis on the Net.

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