Haunted elevators and necro-babies

I eventually escaped the hospital ward with the aid of some deft running and a lucky piece of console mashing, wacking the A button when you are savaged cuts the necro in two with the doors and I’m now soldiering through Chapter 3 (and still on Normal, although I’ve discovered you can change the level of difficulty in-game).

Out and about in DS2 is similar to 1, the controls are pretty much the same. First problem was to get out of the straight jacket, which I did with the aid of a screwy in-mate and a nice piece of animation where he appears to run you through but in fact cuts you free – who are these sick CG guys? Shortly after this I picked up my 1st weapon, the plasma cutter, which reeeally helps to chop up the necromorphs. You are often reminded that the best way to stop them is by severing limbs and this is particularly true of the boss monster at the end of Chapter 2. You can always tell a mega combat is coming up when the room you walk into is the size of an aircraft hanger. Big room – big monster … get it? Although this did remind me of a very old 1st edition D&D scenario I played in once where the DM described a 10 by 10 room containing 30 kobolds, cosy!

The elevator gets you between levels and there’s some scary stuff going on between floors too, a particularly worrying encounter when the lights go out and the lit up eyes and mouth from the opening sequence of Isaac’s girlfriend loom towards you – which is bloody scary in the darkness. I was tempted to use the plasma cutter on them before I realised it was a cut scene, doh!

Some nifty on the fly console work is then needed to travel the length of the train both inside and in a jet boot style flying sequence outside the carriages!

Chapter 3 and I’m in another train station and pinned down by a large number of what can only be described as necro-babies. More sick-puppy CG. I’ve tried a number of tactics but so far no luck, they’re nasty little buggers!

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