Star Trek convention: 18,000 Trekkies ready to spend, spend, spend

As an intro to this post, I’d like to point out that I’ve been going to conventions covering a long list of TV shows over the last 25 years and thoroughly enjoyed myself at every one; and in 95% of cases I can honestly say that I have nothing but admiration for the organisers (as we all know organising anything IS a thankless task) and have no axe to grind with the charges made for those events. Also, I have amassed a very personal and unique autograph collection over the years, some of which have taken a lot of time and cost me no little money to acquire. I would NOT want it any other way!

A mate of mine recently sent me this link which details (hmm?) the goings-on at the recent Destination Star Trek – 5 Captains event in London. His focus being the high cost of fandom these days, especially with regard to the monies which may/may not be made by the organisers.

Sorry mate, the Mail on Sunday’s focus is elsewhere and seems to be out to exaggerate the weirdness, (only fans in costume … yet again, yawn!) as per everyone else who’s ever reported on fandom events. The cost thing, imho, is purely coincidental and used to support their “they’re ga ga for Trek” argument. There will be no financial mud sticking to the organisers from this one!

Now where did I leave my Type 2 Phaser Rifle?

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