Start the day with a Zombie Apocalypse

I read Wil Weaton’s blog, there I’ve said it! You may have noticed I’ve got a link to it from this blog. It’s simple, he writes stuff I want to read. Ok I do have more than a passing interest in Star Trek and he is the only one of the Next Gen cast that for some strange reason I’ve never met. One day Mr. Wheaton …

The reason I mention this is because I need to excuse some blatant plagiarism. A recent post caught my eye not least because there was obviously a link/YouTube clip in it that my iPad wouldn’t show in Safari. Only a mysterious link entitled “the Bloggess is amazing”. What happens if you tell someone they can’t have something. Dunno? The cravings set in. Anyhow, I followed the link and arrived at Jenny Lawson’s blog.

Specifically, take a look at the YouTube clip of her recent talk to a group in Utah. Fret not dear reader we’re now getting to the zombie part. The first couple of minutes of the talk incites her audience to a … You guessed it! … Zombie Apocalypse. Yay, we got there.

It’s fare to say that I’m usually pretty much a “glass’s half empty” kinda guy. Another admission but there it is, must be the weather but this clip made me laugh, out loud, before 9am on a Saturday morning. Plus the rest of the stuff she spoke about made me want to do something silly and generally put me in a good mood for Saturday. I’m not going to say it was an epiphany but Hey! every little helps 🙂

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