T-1 Pre-con Jitters

I’m trying -abortively- to settle the dust on stuff before heading up to London tomorrow lunch time. Those pesky customers ARE conspiring against me though!

Just got the pre Meet & Greet wobble on board. How many tables will there be? How many other people will be on my table? Should I sit near the empty seats and therefore next to a guest and more importantly do I have an ice-breaking +5 question of startling insight that won’t make me sound like a total dork when I open my gob?

OMG … In around 36 hours I could be sitting next to Felicia Day 🙂  Brilliant, that helped the jitters no end!

Update: The last time I felt this buzzed was when I had my photo taken with Hudson Leick. Come to think of it she had to keep asking me to breathe while I was stood next to her too. Jitter’d!

Update the second: This made me larf! Wonder what FD would think? … yep, she liked it!

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