T-2 to Inva2ion

Ok I’m reeeaally looking forward to this con. I may have screwed up with my calendar but I’m good to go. I have my shiny Gold Pass which gets me onto the front row for the opening ceremony and into the Meet and Greet on Friday evening – which is cool as I’m only able to make that evening!

It’s a while since my last con meet and greet; that included having a drink while chatting to Karl Urban who was sworn to secrecy over his then upcoming appearance in LOTR. While it’ll be great to chat with Eliza Dushku and the other guests, the reason I’m pulling this caper is to snag a few minutes with the three cast members from The Guild. Especially Felicia Day 🙂

2 cast members have tweeted today after their touchdown in the UK and Amy Okuda posted a cracking instagram of herself quite literally “packed” and ready to go, lol.

The manic part will be going to this con on Friday night, stopping over at the hotel and then driving up to Peterborough (via Kenilworth to pick up a mate) on Saturday morning to the Treble Ace event to meet Keeley Hawes and the remaining cast of Torchwood. What a buzz, just like old times in Blackpool. Now where did I put my party frock?

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