Taking FLAC for Oblivion

As a recent convert to the open-source FLAC format I’ve been hunting around for more music. I recently watched the very excellent Oblivion with Tom Cruise and thought the soundtrack was awesome. A quick spin around Google found me the the entire OST, legally here; and I’ve been listening to it on and off over the last few weeks.

Armed with my new-found FLAC-ness I set about finding a downloadable copy that I could pur-chase for actual pound notes, or what passes for same these days. Yup found it on both UK and US Amazon sites, no problem. The price on the US site was just $6.99, a bargain! BUT it’s only downloadable in MP3 format; which is a complete waste of time for playing on my steam-powered but nevertheless almost as awesome as the soundtrack, Hi-FI. Yes I play CD’s get over it!

Tried “Oblivion OST FLAC” which was better and summoned no less than 10 hits from the bowels of the interweb. All were indeed FLAC downloads but all were a variation on a theme by bit-torrent. So if anyone knows of a legally downloadable version I can hand actual cash over for please put me out of my misery 🙂

Update: does it count if you put yourself out of your own misery? Hope so … just found the full FLAC version off the OST hanging off the M83 Store. Which would be good except at £9.99 why wouldn’t I just buy the bloody CD at £10.99 ???

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