The Breakfast Befuddlement

What a quandary this morning. We’re out of Cornflakes and Ruth has – for a change, she said – purchased Cheerios. What is my world coming to? I’m not saying I can only eat Corn Flakes; Weetabix and Rice Krispies have their place on the breakfast table too. It’s just … Cheerios?

The plan was to pick up my breakfast and walk and risk sitting outside with the tea and unusual breakfast cereal this am. Felt like a good idea as I don’t quite feel “in the world” today. Some days ya just feel like you’re outside looking in. I’ve already had a cup of coffee outside but the fact that I was in the garden didn’t somehow seep through to my brain.

This is all totally moot as it turns out. I walked downstairs to the smell of cooking bacon. We’ve both been waking a little earlier lately (see “that age thing”) and Ruth had prepared a bacon buttie AND a pot of coffee. As she pointed out “the only bit of peace and quite she’ll get today!”

As to that “in the world” thing,  I mustn’t forget how lucky I am running my own business. It allows me to do so much cool stuff. Some days you just have to be thankful for the little things.

Speaking of which. I’m off to the Boat at Ashleworth tonight (my favourite pub in the world btw). The perfect antidote to a day of ASP.NET/VB coding.

Captain’s Log, extra stuff. I needed that. You’d think listening to a track called at the edge of everything by Steve Roach, would be the last thing that’d pull you back down to Earth 🙂

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