The Breakfast Burrito

The 101 Cafe cooks a mean breakfast burrito.

3 scrambled eggs, cheese and black beans topped with Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde, Guacamole and Sour Cream … What is not to like, I ask you.

This’ll be the third time (at least) I’ve had one of these while staying in LA, the 101 is just such a cool place to eat. I’ve been looking forward to it and this morning gives me the perfect excuse. We’ll need all the energy we can muster for today’s Cajon Pass odyssey but first to do battle with the Hollywood Freeway, the 101 in the name. There’s hopefully a lot of Union Pacific Armour Yellow in my future today and I intend to get it on film. Looking to drop in on the Summit Inn Cafe too for snacks, hold the Ostrich burger!

Hill 582 here we come, Sat Nav willing …

Breakfast burrito addendum … 101 was a bust, staff all in, cook in the kitchen peering expectantly out but all the doors were locked. For the second time this holiday bloody computers buggered it up. No computer, so no till, so no open. Doh! ended up in the bakery next door for coffee and an acceptable burrito. An interesting hall of fame on the bakery wall showing headshots of past famous clients though.

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