The early bird … makes his initiative roll

There’s something about that first cup of coffee at 6.30 in the morning, in the garden; in the sun; in May with the last verses of the dawn chorus lingering. No one about. The sweep of the sky as the spent vapour trails of the early morning trans-atlantic flights criss-cross the blue.

A woodpecker in the fields croaking; in the distance the unmistakeable voice of the cuckoo; an insistent robin singing his heart out and the wind gently lifting the leaves in the Oak. Yep, all natured up this morning and definitely feeling “in the world”. I can’t really think of a better way to start the day … even the prospect of a bowl of cheerios followed by a 9.15 finance and premises committee meeting at school cannot make a dent in the mood.

… and as my weekend begins, running my own business really rocks as Thursday becomes a virtual Friday. Today is a good day to die, captain!

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