Alone with The Gathering

Found a cool band today, check them out at The Gathering.

I’ve been a big Within Temptation fan for ages and the lead singer of this group has worked with WT as well. I reckon there are similarities between WT and The:G, not least the vocals; imho Anneke van Giersbergen sounds a lot like Sharon den Adel albeit in a much lower register but the style is definitely there. Both are Dutch too.

Just to keep things weird I’m listening to the Diggity Dudes CD: My Science Project while writing this post. Thought I’d drop that in.

Anneke left the band in 2007 but they are still going strong, with a new lead singer, Silje Wergeland. Take a listen to a selection of old and new: Alone , Leaves , On Most Surfaces, Liberty Bell. Trying to work on if it’s Anneke in all the vids or if the band have re-worked some of their older material with Silje fronting.

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