Through the Looking Glass films at Gloucester Docks with Mia Wasikowska – Pictures

Disney’s sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”, “Through the Looking Glass” filmed at Gloucester Docks on Monday 18th August 2014. The docks were closed to public boating from 3pm on Sunday and filming took place all day today using a fine array of period costume against a stunning backdrop of tall ships.

Many film fans spent many hours waiting to catch a fleeting glimpse of Johhny Depp; though it was heavily rumoured that he was not needed for these scenes and wouldn’t be in Gloucester. The weather was kind to the filming unit and some fine late evening sun fell around cast and crew later on.

We were treated to a collection of takes featuring Mia Wasikowski who takes the title-role of Alice. Take a look at my pics below

… now I’m sure it isn’t the case but one shot I grabbed by chance shows a man, in the distance, leaning on the railings, looking on at filming. He’s carrying a walky, talky … who do you think this might be … I had to do a double-take. Johnny Depp … nah 🙂