I’ve been reading Wil Wheaton’s Blog for around a year now and getting along quite nicely thank you until a week or two ago Mr. W posted details of his latest project, a bunch of YouTube shows at Geek and Sundry. Specifically he’s involved in Tabletop a bi-weekly online show that pulls together a group of Wil’s friends and showbiz pals and each show they showcase a different board game. Ep 1 covered Small World. Well worth a look imho.

All was fine until I stumbled upon The Guild. Now I’ve watched the first three seasons online, waiting to devour the fourth and looking longingly at the fifth which has just debuted. All within the last week! Each season’s been tied up nicely with a bow into a single Youtube vid for your viewing convenience. Headed up by Felicia Day who plays Codex – and yes I’m now following her video blog/FLOG as well – a group of nerdy gamers desperately wrestle with the greatest RPG of all … real life. Mr. Wheaton himself features from Season 3 onwards. If you’ve ever played D&D or count yourself a gamer then it’s a must.

The show has a massive online following, the cast have even shot three music videos – which they’ve made in character(although check out Felicia’s acoustic verison of Avatar at Wootstock 1.1LA) – and while the subject matter is tongue firmly in check they’re professionally produced and musically cool. Watch them here “Do you want to date my avatar“; “Game On“; “I’m the one that’s cool

So there you have it Guild/Felicia Day 101

… Always looking for new and innovative ways to suck away minutes of my life 🙂

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