Who the HELL are the Diggity Dudes?

Several years ago I used Amtrak to cross the US and that signed me up for their newsletter. There’s never much in it, succinct, nicely laid-out (from a purely professional perspective) but not too much of real use. The only thing keeping me off the unsubscribe link is the chance that I’d actually be IN the US be in when one of their offers hits.

I know, unlikely.

Today the latest issue dropped in the inbox inviting me to “Celebrate National Train Day at Union Station in Washington, DC” I gave it the usual cursory glance before a hasty deletion. Believe it or not the festivities will feature …. wait for it …. the Diggity Dudes. It made me laugh, say it a couple of times to yourself, I defy you not to chortle 🙂

I don’t want to offend anyone here but really, the Diggity Dudes? Just for grins I googled them, visited their site and almost wet my self laughing when a track called “Clean Up” auto-played, opening with “He can’t find his Hot Wheels Anywhere …” Awesome. Read the lyrics page and giggle.

I’m sure this is a really cool US band but guys … the Diggity Dudes???? Only in America! BTW I’m finding it really hard to delete the email now!

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