You can never have too many Dice!

Sat here contemplating my Mint Tea and a really nice present my daughter left hidden for me in my dice box. Lots of symmetry in that act; I’ve just remembered that I gave her a pair of my Las Vegas gem D6’s the day we dropped her off for the first time at Uni Halls and now I am the proud owner of one of her purple-gem D10’s. It’ll sure make playing Munchkin Zombies easier to keep track of :-).

Never a favourite day of mine the “return to UNI day”. That moment when I pull back onto the drive after returning home from the railway station; just stop the car and just sit there; the deafening quiet in the house as I walk through the front door. Nope! Never a favourite day.

On the up side she is being met by friends at Liverpool South Parkway Station. Hadn’t heard of that station until I remembered it used to be called Allerton and on a quiet Saturday afternoon which turned out to be Saturday 1st November in 1980 (thanks to my haulage logs – first time I’ve opened them in over 10 years, knew they’d come in handy one day) I alighted there with my trusty old racer en-route to AN depot to track down an elusive shunter. More symmetry. It was later the same day that I attempted to cycle through the Mersey Tunnel but was stopped by a very nice policeman 🙂 Again on the upside it did give me the opportunity to cross the Mersey on the Ferry (hmmm? that’s a good idea for a song isn’t it?)

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